Thrive, Transform, Serve

The Boston College School of Theology and Ministry is a world-class center of theological study, where students thrive with the help of distinguished faculty and a diverse, attentive community.

Our commitment to the Jesuit, Catholic ideal of cura personalis—care for the whole person—distinguishes our eight graduate degree programs and numerous certificates and nondegree programs. Throughout curricula, one-on-one interactions, daily liturgies, retreats, and other formation-based experiences, we cultivate students’ intellectual, spiritual, professional, and social growth.

STM scholars, ministers, and mentors help students transform into leaders who will serve Catholic and Christian communities through careers within the Church and beyond.

For us, the pursuit of learning is part of a larger desire for God. It bears fruit in who our students become. It manifests itself in our service to the Church and the world. It calls us to a wholeness and holiness rooted in prayer, a reverence for the dignity of others, and an active love.
Michael C. McCarthy, S.J., Dean, School of Theology and Ministry

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Leaders for the 21st century

STM is commited to preparing students for leadership and service rooted in faith.

Formation: The Core of Our Culture

The STM experience is so much more than education—it emphasizes formation of students as whole people, helping them grow and flourish throughout the intellectual, spiritual, ministerial, and human dimensions of their lives.

These dimensions of formation constitute the foundation of the STM community and culture.


Lynch Leadership Academy

Academic Formation

Intellectual inquiry, persistent questioning, the collaborative pursuit of knowledge—these values have always been at the heart of Jesuit, Catholic theological traditions. Our approach to intellectual formation prioritizes rigorous scholarship that elevates these values and positively impacts communities.


Lynch Leadership Academy

Ministerial Formation

All across campus and in parishes across Greater Boston, our students are challenged to grow as ministerial leaders and excel through new pastoral experiences. They serve as mentors in a variety of programs and conduct Confirmation, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, and faith formation programs—in turn shaping classroom conversations through these experiences.


Spiritual Formation

At STM, we believe that theology can never be merely an academic study—it must be a personal, spiritual pursuit that actively envelops one’s entire being. That’s why we support students with a variety of opportunities to reflect, offering prayer, worship, retreats, and spiritual direction for all students. Many degree programs include an intentional spiritual formation component, and our students are valued members of faith communities across the Boston area.


Human Formation

How will you serve and lead? Who do you want to become? These questions imbue everything we do, from curricula to student support, immersion experiences, and other opportunities. Professors, administrators, and peers alike encourage students’ engagement outside of the classroom and value the insights they bring back with them.

Explore Campus & Our Community

Whether it’s strolling through beautiful Simboli Hall, enjoying the ample green space of Brighton Campus, or browsing the Theology and Ministry Library (which is right next door), we make every effort to tailor your campus visit to your needs and interests.