Life at BCSSW

Support for Success

Our core commitments to equity, justice, and inclusion emphasize empathy, collaboration, and innovation in all that we do to foster an environment of support and success. Faculty and staff are dedicated to helping every student flourish in our program.  

Various student organizations and year-round events bring us all together and strengthen our community, while dedicated spaces—including our Social Work Library and student lounge—provide venues for students to connect, study, and relax.


Thrive in Boston

The city and the surrounding communities provide a variety of placement opportunities—including hospitals, clinics, schools, and various organizations. Take in vibrant arts and music scenes and a culture of innovation.

Boston skyline

Benefit from Boston College’s Resources

Join the extended Boston College community and access everything a world-class university has to offer: clubs and organizations, more than 800 research databases, health and wellness services, and much more.





Fitness & Recreation


McMullen Museum


Enjoy School-Wide Support

Throughout your time at BCSSW, you’ll receive formal and informal guidance from faculty and staff via our dedicated Career Services Office and Student Advising Center. You’ll also have access to a variety of student organizations and events covering each concentration and topics like social justice, inclusion, and more.   


Field Placement Support


Social Work Library

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BC School of Social Work Student Collective 

Enhance the quality of student life and facilitate communication between students and administration. As the governing body for BCSSW students, the Collective promotes a culture of acceptance and inclusion with groups and committees that serve a range of interests.

Social Workers for Social Justice

Passionate about social justice? Collaborate with other student advocates to make a difference around Greater Boston.


Social Events Committee

Create opportunities for students to come together for small, informal events and two larger events each semester.


Social Work and Spirituality

All voices are respected at BCSSW. Explore the intersection of your personal and professional beliefs with students of varying spiritual backgrounds.


BC Social Work Executive Board

BCSSW’s legislative body, the Executive Board, includes five student representatives who work alongside administrative leadership. It strives to stimulate excellence and the school’s continuing development.


LGBTQ students and allies have a space for education, discussion, and support in Spectrum. This group educates and informs the larger Social Work community on these critical topics.

Three-Year Program Student Group

Students in both the three-and four-year programs find support to succeed from their colleagues through this group.



Umoja means “unity” and represents the student organization for people of color. Umoja amplifies voices and increases awareness of issues related to race. The group presents the Racial Justice Symposium.

DOC: Doctoral Outreach and Community

To assist PhD students and help them maintain their well-being, the Doctoral Outreach and Community group plans social and academic events that build community at all stages of the program.

Macro Social Work Student Group

On campus or in the community, there are many opportunities for students interested in macro social work to get involved. MSWSG gathers both macro and clinical students to discuss professional growth and community involvement.