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Melanie Robinson Findlay

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Melanie Robinson Findlay is a clinical social worker who worked in corrections for nine years. Melanie’s work centered around fostering empowerment and promoting advocacy for a population that felt powerless within the system that provided their care. Melanie has advocated for individuals who were underserved and continues to work tirelessly to ensure that those who present for help receive fair and equitable treatment despite their backgrounds. Melanie and her team believed that though they could not predict outcomes, they could foster personal understanding and growth that allowed their clients a better opportunity to obtain and maintain change. Melanie is in private practice as well as an outpatient clinician at a community health center, an adjunct professor at Simmons and Boston College, and the Chair of the Board of Registration of Social Workers.

Selected Appointments & Awards

2015: Appointed to the Board of Registration of Social Workers
2017: Elected Chair of the Board of Registration of Social Workers

Professional Activities

Office of Returning Citizens Advisory Board

Clinical Practice Experience

Behavioral Health Clinician at Codman Square Health Center