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Kerry Mitchell

Associate Professor


Professor Kerry Mitchell, PhD, has had a career in clinical practice spanning thirty seven years in the metropolitan Boston area. After a brief period of working in the area of substance abuse, Dr. Mitchell spent ten years working for Catholic Charities in Peabody, MA, and later as director of their outpatient mental health unit. This provided a broad range of clinical experience with adults, families, and couples and served as the basis for future career direction.

Although trained in psychodynamic therapy during his MSW years, he matriculated to the Boston College School of Social Work with an interest in exploring clinical theory from a broader perspective. To augment doctoral study and further develop practice skills, Dr. Mitchell began private practice in Chestnut Hill, MA which he retains at present. During his tenure at Boston College he developed an interest in Cognitive Theory and therapy and proceeded to focus his dissertation on the integration of Cognitive perspectives in clinical practice.

Currently, Dr. Mitchell is Associate Professor of Clinical Practice and teaches both foundational and elective courses. He has been sought for training and speaking engagements throughout the Boston area. Although Cognitive Therapy is his most frequent request, he has spoken on marital research and treatment. Some of Dr. Mitchell’s engagements include Massachusetts General Hospital, Bedford VA hospital, Dorchester House, the Addictions Treatment Center of New England, and Catholic Charities. Finally Dr. Mitchell has a consulting practice offering clinicians help in their developing practice.