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Addie Wyman-Battalen

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Addie Wyman Battalen, PhD, LICSW is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Psychiatry Department at Boston Children's Hospital. Dr. Wyman Battalen holds a PhD from the Boston College School of Social, an MS in Social Work from Columbia University, and a BA in Human Development and Social Relations from Earlham College. Her research and practice interests broadly focus on developing and adapting clinical interventions designed to improve the mental health and well-being of children and families, especially among diverse populations, including sexual and gender minority (SGM)-identified parents and youth. Dr. Wyman Battalen's commitment to social work education includes teaching Human Behavior and the Social Environment and Working with LGBT Youth, Families, and Adults at Boston College School of Social Work.

Select Publications

Wyman Battalen, A., Farr, R., Brodzinsky, D., McRoy, R. (2018). Socializing children about family structure: Perspectives of lesbian and gay adoptive parents. Journal of GLBT Family Studies.

Wyman Battalen, A., Sellers, C. M., McRoy, R., & Grotevant, H. (In press). Birth mothers as grandmothers: Examining contact, relationship quality, and the role of technology. Adoption Quarterly.

Wyman Battalen, A., Sellers, C. M., Fong, R., McRoy, R., Hanna, M. (Forthcoming). Children with mental health needs in child welfare. In Hanna, M., Rolock, N., McRoy, R. & Fong, R. (Eds.) Introduction to Child Welfare: Building a Culturally Responsive Multisystemic Evidence Based Approach. Cognella Press.