Centers, Institutes, and Labs

Research & Practice to Improve Lives

Through pioneering work, vital services, and community partnerships, our renowned research centers, initiatives, and labs enhance practice and improve lives. They touch each point of the research-to-practice cycle—acting as hubs through which BCSSW faculty and students analyze emerging trends and turn their findings into programs that inform further research and robust solutions to social problems.

Center for Social Innovation

Advancing faculty research and expertise in the design, implementation, and assessment of innovative social interventions to complex social problems.

Center on Aging & Work

Through research and partnerships with business leaders, scholars, and policymakers, the Center on Aging & Work improves the quality of employment throughout the lifespan—focusing particularly on older adults.

Research Program on Children and Adversity (RPCA)

Investigating risk and resilience in children facing multiple forms of adversity using qualitative and quantitative research methods. RPCA works to develop feasible interventions that support positive life outcomes.

Cell to Society Lab

Cell to Society Lab

Merging neuroscience and social work, the Cell to Society Lab examines neuroimaging studies of at-risk children and teenagers to understand the impact of social context on brain development.