Morrissey College programs span the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The range of undergraduate and graduate offerings invites students to experience many approaches to the disciplines, expand their vision, and engage with the world in new ways.

Our faculty members are leaders in their fields—committed teachers, rigorous scholars, and mentors who challenge students to realize their full potential. A commitment to conversation, reflection, and experiences away from campus complements the rigor of our classrooms, helping students to integrate what they learn with how they live.

The Core Curriculum grounds the undergraduate experience in a shared intellectual foundation that empowers students to engage the distinctive ways of searching for truth across the disciplines; understand more deeply what it is to be human, free, and responsible; navigate differences in our increasingly global world; and discern paths toward meaningful lives, careers, and vocations.

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Core Curriculum

Acquire a broad intellectual foundation while examining the most important texts in human history. The Boston College Core Curriculum uses the resources of a top-tier research institution to spur students to discover new ways of thinking, acting, and impacting the world. Through the Core—a prominent feature of the liberal arts tradition—students prepare for lives of integrity, leadership, and service.

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Boston College ranked 10th worldwide in theology, divinity, and religious studies.

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