Research Security

The U.S. Government is increasingly concerned about threats to the security and integrity of America’s academic research enterprise, including:

  • Improper foreign influence in federally-funded research
  • Researchers’ failure to disclose their foreign affiliations, Conflicts of
  • Interest and Conflicts of Commitment, to federal funding agencies and their U.S. employers
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Economic and academic espionage
  • Disclosure/diversion of confidential grant application information
  • Grant fraud

In January 2021, the U.S. National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) issued a report, Recommended Practices for Strengthening the Security and Integrity of America’s Science and Technology Research Enterprise. The NSTC report stated, in pertinent part: “Behaviors that threaten the integrity of the research enterprise often also pose risks to the security of the research enterprise, which we term research security…. Therefore, research security and the integrity of the research enterprise are inexorably linked.”

Boston College recognizes that international academic collaborations are an essential part of the research community and critical to scientific advancement. However, it is important that faculty and staff engaging in international partnerships are aware of their reporting obligations and the concerns associated with research security, including improper foreign influence. Researchers should be completely transparent about their foreign relationships and activities and fully comply with all reporting requirements established by Boston College policy and the sponsors of federally-funded research.

The Office of Research Security, Integrity and Compliance can provide support and assistance with any of the following issues as they relate to research security:

  • International Collaborations
  • International Travel
  • International Research
  • Hosting Foreign National Visitors on Campus
  • Foreign Talent Plans
  • Disclosure of Foreign Conflicts of Interest
  • Disclosure of Foreign Conflicts of Commitment