Get Career Ready From Home

The Career Center’s Praxis Summer Program is a free comprehensive, self-guided summer career program designed to help Boston College students of any major recognize and develop the skills most highly sought after by employers. You have been developing these critical skills throughout your time at Boston College, both in and outside the classroom.  This week-by-week guide will help you reflect on and strengthen these skills in order to give you a competitive advantage when applying to jobs and graduate school in the future.



Summer 2021

Class Years

All Welcome


All Welcome

How to Register

Registration will open Spring 2021

Complete the program on your own schedule

The eight-week program will be available via Canvas. It is designed to be completed on your own schedule at your own pace. While you are encouraged to work through the full program, we recommend that you identify the two to three skills you most want to develop and focus your energy there.

In addition to strengthening specific career skills, upon completion of the Praxis Summer Program, you will be able to:

  • Identify at least one career field that aligns with your interests that you would like to further explore.
  • Identify at least one skill you hope to incorporate into your career paths that aligns with the skills employers are seeking in recent college graduates.
  • Articulate your experiences, skills, interests, and values in application materials such as resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and personal statements.
  • Verbally explain how your experiences, skills, interests, and values relate to opportunities of interest.
  • Articulate 1-3 next steps in your career discernment and planning.


Boost Your Resume

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to add this experience to your resume to showcase the skills you gained.


Week-by-Week Schedule

There are approximately four to five required tasks for each weekly module. Most tasks will take 20 minutes to one hour. In addition, there are more in-depth optional activities for those skills you want to spend more time developing.

Week 1

Know Yourself: Start Where You Are and Discover Where to Go

Example Activities:

  • Take a self-assessment to further understand your work and leisure interests, personality, values, and skills
  • Identify the top two to three skills you plan to work on this summer
Week 2

Effective Communication

Example Activities:

  • Take a self-assessment to understand your communication style
  • Learn how to craft your elevator pitch
  • Conduct informational interviews with alumni
Week 3

Working Across Cultures and Differences

Example Activities:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion and its importance in the workplace through reflective exercises
  • Complete an Implicit Association Test
  • Complete an eLesson on unconscious bias
Week 4

Leveraging Technology

Example Activities:

  • Build your skills in Excel and Powerpoint
  • Complete a Google Analytics for Beginners Course
  • Create or update your resume
Week 5

Teamwork and Collaboration

Example Activities:

  • Complete a conflict style assessment
  • Create a “How to Work With Me” User Manual
  • Collaborate with another Praxis student to complete a research assignment
Week 6

Leading Effectively

Example Activities:

  • Take a self-assessment to understand your leadership style
  • Understand how to manage a project and learn how to build a project tracker
  • Craft a personal mission statement
Week 7

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Example Activities:

  • Complete a self-assessment to understand how you solve problems
  • Read about strategies leaders use to make better decisions
  • Complete a Future Innovator Training Project
Week 8

What it Means to be a Professional

Example Activities:

  • Learn about professional etiquette
  • Complete a practice interview
  • Add Praxis to your resume