Get Ready for 2021!

Join our January Challenge to jumpstart your search before spring. A majority of employers will be hiring in the spring, so January is a great time to start preparing! We have put together a checklist of items to help you use this extended winter break to your advantage. Completing the challenge will ensure you are in a great position to find a post-grad job or summer internship (and calm some of your anxieties in the process).

Join the Challenge

Complete the Challenge


We recommend completing all activities in dark blue before January 24. Activities in light blue are bonus activities to keep the momentum going.

Join a Career Cluster

Explore our career clusters to find one or two of interest. Read through the industries that fall within each Career Cluster to see which appeals to you. If you find yourself interested in more than two clusters, join the Career Exploration cluster.

Complete Your Handshake Profile

Complete your Handshake profile, making sure to indicate your interests so that employers can find you. 

In addition:

  • Follow at least 5 employers on Handshake.
  • Register to attend a spring semester career event such as a panel, workshop, or information session.
  • Search for jobs or internships that are of interest to you. Take note of the deadlines and start to apply!

Want more? Take the 10-Day Handshake Profile Challenge.

Connect with BC Alumni on Eagle Exchange

Why Network?

Colleen White, MCAS '11, Director of Product Mangement at Fuze, invites you to connect with BC alumni

Complete or update your Eagle Exchange profile and reach out to 2-3 alums on Eagle Exchange to schedule an informational interview. Log in to your Eagle Exchange account with your Agora credentials.

Don't know what to say in your initial outreach message? Eagle Exchange provides you with templates.

  • Log in to Eagle Exchange
  • Find an alum with whom you are interested in talking. You can browse your recommended connections or explore the community.
  • Click 'Message' or, if in their profile, 'Let's Connect'.
  • Select a template message to edit or write your own outreach message. Click 'Send'. Note: you may also click 'Request a Meeting' below the message box to schedule time to meet. If you do this, also be sure to send a message to provide context to your meeting request.
  • Repeat the steps above at least 1-2 more times!

Prepare for the conversation using this list of questions or feel free to come up with your own questions (but remember to never ask directly for a job or interview).

Update Your Resume

Update your resume using the information and sample resumes by career cluster on the Career Center website. If you’d like feedback on your resume, attend virtual drop-ins starting on January 19.

Develop a Search Plan

Depending on where you are in your career discernment and planning, develop your own personalized exploration plan or job/internship search plan to set goals and deadlines for yourself throughout the semester.

Need help with your plan? Schedule time to meet with a career coach or talk to a trusted mentor, advisor, friend, or family member.

Create or Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Create or update your LinkedIn profile, using the Career Center website.

Practice Interviewing

Start preparing for your interviews and practice articulating your skills through the Big Interview platform.

  • Go to BC’s Big Interview page. Click 'Register' in the top right corner or sign in if you have previously registered. Use your BC email address to create a free account
  • Review interview resources, tips, and videos in the platform if you choose
  • Click on ‘Practice’ at the top to find interview questions that you’d like to practice answering.
  • Share your recording with someone (your choice) for feedback. This could be a mentor, a supervisor, a family member, a friend or someone else who will provide you with both positive and constructive feedback.
  • Review and consider the feedback you receive.

Meet with a Career Coach

Our coaches will be available during the month of January. Our office will open for appointments on Monday, January 4. Schedule a career coaching appointment in Handshake if you have questions about your search plan or feel stuck.

Complete a Project

Complete a project on Forage to build some concrete career skills. Through the Forage platform (previously InsideSherpa), you can sign up for a project where you are given a hypothetical set of tasks that an employee would expect to complete on a given work day. You will gain valuable career skills and build your resume.

Join a Group Discussion on Eagle Exchange

Join one or more Eagle Exchange groups based on your career interests or personal identities. Post your own discussion questions to the group and/or respond to other questions that have been posted in the group to learn from and share your experiences with the community.

Build an Online Portfolio

Build an online portfolio to showcase your work to potential future employers. Use this resource for tips.

Review Your Online Presence

Review and revise your online presence, following the suggestions in this blog post.

Save the Date

Our Spring Career and Internship Fairs will begin shortly after the start of Spring 2021 classes. Fairs are a great opportunity to make connections with employers and learn about job and internship opportunities. Completing the January Challenge activities will help you prepare for the fairs. 

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