We recognize the additional challenges international students face when seeking a job or internship and we want to work with you to help you understand and overcome these challenges whether you are looking for a position in the U.S. or elsewhere. The resources below will help you with your job or internship search.

First and foremost, before launching a U.S. job or internship search, it is critical for you to work with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) to understand the rules and requirements around Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT), as well as the specifics related to the type of visa you hold. Please meet with OISS prior to scheduling a meeting with a career coach to discuss a job or internship search. 

Resources to help you:

The resources below will help you understand U.S. work culture and recruitment practices. Keep in mind that culture and hiring practices vary by career field, so be sure to research your fields of interest through our career clusters. We encourage you to utilize our website as a resource to assist you with building your application materials

Resource Description
GoinGlobal The U.S. country career guide, as well as specific U.S. city career guides provide employment advice for those seeking jobs or internships in the U.S. This resource also includes information about potential H1B sponsors.
Connors Family Learning Center If English is not your first language, you can book an ESL Writing Appointment to have your cover letter checked for English grammar mistakes. 
Eagle Exchange As a Boston College student, you have access to the global online alumni network. You can search for and connect with alumni who were international students to seek advice on how they found their positions.
MyVisaJobs MyVisaJobs can help you identify companies who have sponsored H1B visas and green cards in the past. It also outlines the top industries that offer sponsorship.


If you will be seeking employment in your home country or another country outside the U.S., you will want to seek out information about culture and hiring practices in that country. Following are resources to help you with that research and through which you can connect with BC alumni who have experience in and knowledge of your country of choice.

Resources to help you:

Resource Description
GoinGlobal Refer to your preferred country guide for information relevant to the job search in that country.
Eagle Exchange As a Boston College student, you have access to the global online alumni network. You can search for and connect with alumni who are working in your preferred country. Regardless of their career field and role, they may be able to share helpful information about searching for positions in that country.
Boston College international alumni chapters Check to see if BC has an alumni chapter in your country of choice and, if so, connect with them via social media.