The Living out the Jesuit Mission program provides a welcoming space for employees of all backgrounds and faith traditions to share how they incorporate the Ignation tradition into their professional and personal lives.

Diverse Perspectives Series


Focuses on how employees of various backgrounds (race, ethnicity, gender, ability, sexual orientation, etc.) and faith traditions (religion) incorporate the Jesuit tradition within their work at Boston College and into their personal lives. Members of the faculty, staff and administration will be invited to share how they experience BC’s mission, which is influenced by the Jesuit mission and the Ignatian vision, by responding to the following questions:

To what extent have you incorporated and live out the BC mission in your work at the University?

How do you to articulate the Jesuit mission as it relates to the mission of Boston College?

How has the Ignatian vision enhanced your personal world view?

Past Programs

"A Woman's Experience Working at a Jesuit Institution"

"A Woman's Experience Working at a Jesuit Institution" on February 7, 2017 involved a panel of Lisa Sowle Cahill, J. Donald Monan Professor of Theological Ethics; M. Shawn Copeland, Professor of Systematic Theology; and Sister Barbara Quinn, RSJC, Director of Spiritual Formation. Approximately 30 staff and faculty came to this event.

Diversity and the Ignatian Tradition conversations

To lay the foundation for future Diversity and the Ignatian Tradition conversations, Haub Vice President for Mission and Ministry Fr. Jack Butler, S.J. discussed the inherent connection between diversity, inclusion and the Ignatian tradition. The event took place on March 30, 2015.