Boston College attempts at all times to maintain a safe environment that supports its educational mission and is free from exploitation and intimidation, as well as discrimination based upon gender, including sexual harassment. Sexual harassment or sexual misconduct of any kind is antithetical to the mission of Boston College and the values it espouses and will be responded to accordingly, whether a complaint involves allegations of sexual misconduct by faculty, staff, student, or a third party. The University strives to eliminate sexual harassment, prevent its occurrence, and address its effects.

In this regard, Boston College has several individuals who serve as Title IX coordinators. These individuals serve as resources for students, faculty, and staff within the Boston College community and oversee the University's response to Title IX complaints.  

University Title IX Coordinator

Patricia Lowe

Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students

Melinda Stoops

University Harassment Counselor

Marie Elena Gioiella

Confidential Resource Provider (CRP) For Faculty & Staff

Carole Hughes

Confidential Resource Provider (CRP) For Students

Claire Johnson

Community-based Sexual Assault Crisis Services

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (BARCC)
Provide free and confidential support services to students and employees, including crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, information, and referral. 
24-hour Hotline: 1-800-841-8371

Boston College Resource and Policy Information:


Request for a hardcopy of the policy should be directed to Patricia Lowe, Associate Vice President, Office for Institutional Diversity at