The Office for Institutional Diversity (OID) was established in the spring of 2004 as the successor to the Office of Affirmative Action, which was established in September 1971, one of the first of its kind in the nation. In establishing the OID, the University signaled its commitment to redirect and strengthen its efforts in the area of diversity.

Compliance and Policy

The OID continues to be responsible for coordinating the University's other compliance efforts under various federal and state equal opportunity, affirmative action, and Title IX regulations governing employment and education. In these areas, our office develops policy statements, provides regular reports on the University's progress and performance, identifies problem areas, and offers problem-solving assistance. We also monitor affirmative action implementation, consult with enforcement agencies, and counsel employees.

Inclusive Excellence

In alignment with the institution's mission of inclusive excellence, the OID offers diversity education programming throughout the year designed to provide opportunities for open dialogue, self-reflection, and cross-cultural communication. For example, one of our programs is the Cultural Competence Engagement Modules (CCEM), which enable participants to acquire the knowledge, language, and behavioral and cultural skills needed to navigate within a diverse and inclusive community.