The Computer Science Department offers

  • major programs in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science
  • a minor in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences
  • a Carroll School of Management concentration in Computer Science

The Computer Science, Biology and Mathematics departments offer an interdisciplinary concentration in Bioinformatics.

Bachelor of Arts

Additional CS Courses for the B.A.

Twelve additional credits

  • 3 credits from CSCI 2000 and above
  • 9 credits from CSCI 3000 and above

Mathematics Component - B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts requires mathematics through Calculus II. This requirement can be completed with:

  • MATH 1101 or MATH 1103 or MATH 1105
Bachelor of Arts

Additional CS courses

  • 9 credits from CSCI 3000 and above

Mathematics Component

At least 12 credits of mathematics are required for completion of the
bachelor of science major:

  • MATH1103 Calculus II (Math/Science Majors) or MATH1105 Calculus II–AP
    (Math/Science Majors)
  • MATH2202 Multivariable Calculus
   Class of 2018, 2019, and 2020:
  • Two MATH electives from among MATH2210
    Linear Algebra, MATH2216 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics, or any
    MATH course 3000 or higher.
   Class of 2021:
  • MATH2210 Linear Algebra and any MATH course 3000 or higher.

Science Component

A two-semester sequence in a laboratory science for science majors:

  • Biology (BIOL 2000/2010/2040 or BIOL 2000/3030/2040)
  • Chemistry (CHEM 1109/1111/1113, CHEM 1110/1112/1114 or CHEM 1117/1119/1121, CHEM 1118/1120/1122)
  • Physics (PHYS 2200/2050 and PHYS 2201/2051)
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
    • Option 1: EESC 1132/1133 followed by EESC 2220/2221 or EESC 2264/2265 or EESC2285/2286
    • Option 2: Two of EESC 2202/2212, EESC 2203/2213, EESC 2204/2214, EESC 2205/2215, EESC 2206/2216, EESC 2207/2217, EESC 2208/2218 followed by EECS 2220/2221

One additional non-overlappying science elective of at least 3 credits or non-overlapping Advanced Placement Units
(see AP or IB for required scores).

Minor in Computer Science 

The minor program in Computer Science is designed to provide an introduction to computer science, primarily for mathematics and science majors. It is also suitable for students with a strong secondary interests in computer science and good analytical skills.

The requirements for a Minor in Computer Science are as follows. Eighteen credits are required. 

1. CSCI 1101 Computer Science I or CSCI 1103 Computer Science I Honors,

2. CSCI 1102 Computer Science II,

3. Two electives numbered 2000 or higher (only one of:
    CSCI 2257 Database Systems and Applications or
    CSCI 2267 Technology and Culture may count toward this requirement),

4. Two electives numbered 3000 or higher.


Students wishing to pursue a Minor emphasizing Computer Science should consider the foundations sequence:

CSCI 2243 Logic and Computation and
CSCI 2244 Randomness and Computation (to be taken after CSCI 2243).

See specialization recommendations below:

Bachelor of Arts

Additional CS Classes

  • 3 credits numbered CSCI 2000 or above
  • 3 credits numbered CSCI 3000 or above