Life Sciences Journal

life sciences journal


The Life Sciences Journal is an online undergraduate, student run science journal that features student-authored essays on topics related to the life sciences, including but not limited to opinions pieces, science-related news, and reviews of recently published scientific articles.


Our mission is to expose students to scientific writing while increasing awareness of current issues and recent advances related to the life-sciences within and outside of the Boston College community, as well as providing students with the resources to participate in the research initiative.

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Editor-in-Chief: Catherine Vander Woude ’18

Senior Managing Editor: Isabelle Mueller ’18
Junior Managing Editor: Rishabh Kedia ’19

Associate News Editor: Maxwell Grechko ‘18
Assistant News Editor: Derek Xu ‘19
Associate Opinions Editor: Riya Thomas '20
Assistant Opinions Editor: Cashel Rice ‘19
Associate Features Editor: David Fu ‘18
Assistant Features Editor: Brian Caffrey ‘19
Associate Current Research Editor: Kaushik Viswanathan ‘18
Associate Current Research Editor: Audrey Ballard ’19
Assistant Current Research Editor: Tomer Finkelberg ‘18
Assistant Current Research Editor: Dominique Leone ‘19
Associate Graphics Editor: Rebecca McGeorge ’19
Creative Arts Director: Antonella D’Ascanio ‘19

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Jeffrey DaCosta and Prof. Jamie Henzy

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