Faculty Research

The Research Faculty serve as leading educators and scholars producing advancing research across their fields, contributing to scientific publications and receiving both private and national research funding. The research team consists of those that facilitate Research and Teaching as well as Research Assistant Professors.

Research and Teaching

Name Field of Interest Research
Emrah Altindis Understanding microbial mimicry in host-pathogen interactions, characterization of viral insulins in Iridoviridae, identification of novel viral hormones, exploring the role of the microbiome in Type 1 Diabetes autoimmunity Microbiology & Endocrinology
Anthony T. Annunziato Molecular biology; Chromatin assembly and histone modifications in mammalian cells and fission yeast Cell & Developmental Biology
David Burgess Cytokinesis, polarization of the cytoskeleton Cell & Developmental Biology
Thomas C. Chiles B lymphocyte growth and survival, metabolomics, nanodiagnostics Microbiology & Infectious Disease
Peter Clote RNA thermodynamics-based algorithms, protein and RNA structure, function and molecular evolution machine learning in bioinformatics Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Jeffrey DaCosta
Ecology, behavior and evolution. Ecology & Evolution
Eric S. Folker   Cellular Organization. Mechanisms of nuclear movement and the role of nuclear movement in muscle development and disease pathogenesis. Cell & Developmental Biology
Marc-Jan Gubbels The genetic and cell biological basis of Toxoplasma gondii cell division and host cell invasion Microbiology & Infectious Disease
Charles Hoffman Glucose sensing, signal transduction, and transcriptional regulation in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe Microbiology & Infectious Disease
Welkin Johnson   Retroviruses; Primate lentiviruses (HIV and SIV); Co-evolution of viruses and their hosts Microbiology & Infectious Disease
Christopher Kenaley Vertebrate biomechanics, physiology, and systematics Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology
Daniel A. Kirschner Structural biology of myelin; peripheral and central myelinopathies; literature for neurological diseases; x-ray and neutron diffraction Cell & Developmental Biology
Laura Anne Lowery Cytoskeletal dynamics during cell migration, axon outgrowth, development of the nervous system Cell & Developmental Biology
Sarah McMenamin
Developmental biology, evolutionary development, post-embryonic coordination, thyroid hormone, craniofacial development, zebrafish Cell & Developmental Biology
Michelle Meyer Computational biology, non-coding RNA discovery and validation, molecular evolution, RNA and protein structure Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Babak Momeni Systems biology of microbial communities; mathematical modeling of biological systems; microbial ecology Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Junona Moroianu Nuclear import and export of viral and cellular macromolecules Microbiology & Infectious Disease
Thomas N. Seyfried Gene-environmental interactions in epilepsy and brain cancer Cell & Developmental Biology
Kenneth C. Williams Central nervous system macrophages, neuroAIDS, AIDS pathogenesis, monocyte/macrophage biology Microbiology & Infectious Disease
Tim van Opijnen Microbial Systems Biology; drug/gene interaction networks and the development of new antimicrobials, the development of genome-wide next generation sequencing strategies to link genotypes to phenotypes, and the engineering of bacteria with new traits and novel applicability. Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

Visiting Assistant Professors

Name Field of Interest Lab
Ismael Ben Fofana HIV/AIDS vaccine, SIV/macaque model of AIDS, Phage Display and Antibody Engineering, Virus evolution and escape of antibody responses Johnson Lab

Research Assistant Professors

Name Field of Interest Research
Andrea Kirmaier Cross species transmission of viruses, emergence of pathogenic viruses, host-viruse co-evolution, host restriction factors Johnson Lab
Purna Mukherjee Molecular mechanisms of diet on brain tumors Seyfried Lab