The part-time faculty serve an integral role in supporting the academic requirements of the undergraduate coursework. The part-time faculty suite is located in Higgins Hall room 425. Please see the list below for contact and teaching information.

Biology Part-Time Faculty

Name Contact Course
Timothy Connolly Email:
Phone: 617-552-0621
Room: Higgins 644A
Inv. in Cell Re-programming; Genomics and Personalized Medicine
Jeremy Eberhard Email:
Phone: 617-552-3540
Room: Higgins 425
Anatomy & Physiology and lab
Jamie Henzy Email:
Phone: 617-552-6329
Room: Higgins 420A
Genomics; Graduate Bioinformatics
Claudia Kale Email:
Phone: 617-552-3540
Room: Higgins 425
Microbiology for Health Professionals Laboratory for nursing students; Molecules and Cells
Lisa Nelson Email:
Phone: 617-552-3565
Room: Higgins 425
Anatomy & Physiology for nursing students
Arne Nysteun Email:
Phone: 617-552-3540
Room: Higgins 425
Intro to Neuroscience

The research teams participate in Boston College’s Visiting Scholars program, which allows faculty members to bring international scientists to the department to participate in research projects or teaching.

Name Contact Research
Hugh P. Cam

Epigenetics, functional genomics, gene regulatory networks, molecular mechanisms of genome plasticity.
Gherman Wiederschain, Dr. Thomas Seyfried's Lab Glycobiology and Human Diseases

The Administrative offiices are located in 355 Higgins Hall. Please contact this office at 617-552-3540 with any questions and concerns.

Position Name Contact
Chairperson Welkin Johnson, Ph.D. Email:
Phone: 617-552-4223
Office: 355D Higgins Hall
Associate Director, Administrative & Graduate Services Dina Goodfriend Email:
Phone: 617-552-2858
Office: 355C Higgins Hall
Administrative Assistant Diane Butera Email:
Phone: 617-552-0337
Office: 355F Higgins Hall
Faculty Support Assistant Colette McLaughlin Email:
Phone: 617-552-2541
Office: 355A Higgins Hall
Associate Chairperson & Undergraduate Program Director

Mary Kathleen Dunn, Ph.D. Email:
Phone: 617-552-3217
Office: 412 Higgins Hall
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs Seth D. Robertson Email:
Phone: 617-552-2292
Office: 355E Higgins Hall
Graduate Program Director

Charles Hoffman, Ph.D. Email:
Phone: 617-552-2279
Office: 401B Higgins Hall
Director of Laboratories Douglas Warner, Ph.D. Email:
Phone: 617-552-3552
Office: 378 Higgins Hall
Assistant Director of Laboratories Keri Jensen Email:
Phone: 617-552-2782
Office: 425C Higgins Hall
Higgins Operations Manager  John O'Grady Email:
Phone: 617-552-6778
Office: 356D Higgins Hall
Operations Assistant Kiel Smith Email:
Phone: 617-552-0058
Office: 170 Higgins Hall
Unix Systems Administrator Tony Schreiner, Ph.D. Email:
Phone: 617-552-6487
Office: 431 Higgins Hall
Cell Sorting Facility Manager

Patrick Autissier Email:
Phone: 617-552-1417
Office: 458 Higgins Hall
Imaging Facility Manager Bret Judson Email:
Phone: 617-552-4643
Office: 525 Higgins Hall
Science Technology Consultant Christopher Cardoso
223 Higgins Hall