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University Core Renewal Committee

core curriculum

University Core Renewal Committee

The University Core Renewal Committee (UCRC) coordinates and manages the Boston College Core Curriculum. Composed of sixteen faculty, administrative, and student representatives, the committee is leading university-wide efforts to renew the Core Curriculum as a vital part of a Boston College undergraduate education. It promotes interdepartmental and faculty/staff collaboration and innovation. In 2017–2018, the UCRC is focusing on two priorities: systematizing the Core that has existed since 1991, and managing the third year of Core Renewal Pilot classes and preparing for a forth round in 2018–2019. Different subcommittees of the UCRC address Core Renewal pilot classes, curriculum, and assesment.

For questions and concerns, please contact the UCRC chair, Julian Bourg, Associate Dean for the Core at

The 2017-2018 members of the UCRC

Robert Bartlett (Political Science)

Julian Bourg (History; Associate Dean for the Core)

Patrick Byrne (Philosophy)

Willian Keane (Mathematics)

Sean Clarke (Connell School of Nursing)

Mary Crane (English; Institute for the Liberal Arts)

Brian Gareau (Sociology)

Charles Keenan (Assistant Director of the Core)

Gail Kineke (Earth & Environmental Sciences)

Elida Laska (spring—Lynch School of Education)

Franco Mormando (Romance Languages & Literature)

Brian Rebinette (Theology)

John Rakestraw (Center for Teaching Excellence)

Zachary Matus (History)

Akua Sarr (Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs)

Ethan Sullivan (Carroll School of Management)

Aiden Clarke, '19