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Policies and Procedures

core curriculum

2017–2018 Boston College Core Curriculum Policies and Procedures

The Office of the Associate Dean for the Core and the University Core Renewal Committee (UCRC) are charged with overseeing and renewing the Core Curriculum as a whole. The vast majority of undergraduates fulfill their Core requirements under the familiar Core structure that has existed since 1991. During 2017–2018, 48 interdisciplinary Core Renewal pilot courses will be taught. Core Renewal pilot courses will continue in 2018–2019.

The following policies address procedures related to the Core: student applications for Core substitution credit, creation of new Core classes, and Core Renewal pilot class scheduling. All questions can be sent to:


Student Services process hundreds of course substitution requests every year for study abroad, summer, and non-BC courses. In order to systematize and streamline this process and cut down on last-minute requests, please follow these guidelines:

  • The decision to approve/not approve a study abroad, summer, and non-BC course as satisfying a Core requirement remains at the discretion of the relevant BC department. Students seeking substitution credit for Core courses should contact the Core representative or DUS in the department that most closely resembles that course (i.e., a Politics class from Spain should be referred to the BC Poli Sci Dept). For Cultural Diversity substitution requests, see #3 below. A list of all departmental Core representatives/DUS can be found here. For summer classes only: if Core substitution credit is granted, the student must then contact the appropriate class dean in their school for approval as a summer class.
  • All students must submit Core substitution requests to the appropriate Core representative according to the following deadlines:
    • October 2 – for students who took summer courses or who studied abroad the previous spring semester or full academic year
    • March 1 – for students who studied abroad the previous fall semester
  • Students seeking Cultural Diversity substitution requests should apply via the on-line Cultural Diversity Substitution Request Form on the university Core website.
  • Four times a year, faculty can submit applications for courses to receive Core credit via the on-line Faculty Core Course Approval Application on the university Core website.
    • October 2 – for courses to be taught (1) in the spring semester (thus in time for spring registration in November) or (2) the following academic year
    • December 1 – for courses to be taught the following academic year
    • February 15 – for courses to be taught (1) in the fall semester (thus in time for fall registration in April) or (2) the following spring semester
    • March 30 – for courses to be taught the following spring semester
  • The UCRC will evaluate the proposals in a timely manner, normally within 10 business days.

(a) The outcome of the review process will be communicated to the chair, applicant faculty member, and department administrator.(b) If the proposal is approved for Core credit for an existing course, then the Office of the Associate Dean for the Core and Kathy Winarski will make the necessary changes.

(c) If the proposal is approved for Core credit for a new course, then the department administrator can create the course in CM. Please note: Kathy Winarski will return any CM requests that do not confirm the approvals identified by the Associate Dean’s office. Once the new class has been approved in CM, the department administrator can then create the course in UIS.

(d) For all courses approved for Cultural Diversity Core credit (whether new or existing), only Kathy Winarski will manually add the Cultural Diversity designation.

Note on cross-listing and Core courses: credit is typically assigned only in one of the Core requirement areas (Philosophy, History, Social Science, etc.). If a course is approved for Cultural Diversity credit, the course receives Cultural Diversity credit even if it is cross-listed in other departments beyond the applicant department. Departments wishing to cross-list courses for Core credit should contact the Office of the Associate Dean for the Core.


The deadline for proposals for AY2018–2019 Core Renewal pilot courses is Friday, October 6. Courses will be selected by the UCRC shortly thereafter. Due to the complex nature of these interdisciplinary classes, which include evening events and co-curricular activities, scheduling them will be the responsibility of the Office of the Associate Dean for the Core, which will keep department/program chairs and administrators in the loop as we move forward.