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Boston College School of Social Work
BC SSW Student Organizations
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Andrea Cohen, MSW '84

Thinking Creatively about Senior Care

Andrea Cohen, MSW ’84, is dedicated to helping seniors age in place. As CEO of HouseWorks she has been a pioneer in private home care.  More about Thinking Creatively... »

Erin Gerber MSW ’09

'It's That Voice'

As a gender-based trainer/counselor in Thailand, Erin Gerber, MSW ’09, helped to empower refugees to find their voice.  More about 'It's That Voice' »

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Ashley Hammonds, MSW '11

Taking Pride in Her Culture

As a member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina, Ashley Hammonds, MSW '11, takes pride in her culture and in helping to create awareness about the lives of modern day Native Americans.  More about Taking Pride... »

Professor and Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair James Lubben

'I'm a Dreamer'

Professor and Louise McMahon Ahearn Chair James Lubben talks about his love of flowers and how cultivation and nurturing translates to his teaching and relationships with his students.  More about 'I'm a Dreamer' »

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Student Organizations

BC Social Work Student Collective

The BC Social Work Student Collective is the governing body for students at Boston College School of Social Work. The purpose of the Student Collective is to enhance the quality of student life and facilitate communication between students and the administration. To achieve these goals, the Student Collective will plan events, meetings, and activities that are open and representative of the entire student body. Within the Student Collective there are various groups and committees that focus on specific areas of interest, promoting a culture of acceptance and inclusion, and are open to all BC SSW students during the entire year.

Visit the BC Social Work Student Collective Facebook page for student news and events.
Visit the BC Social Work Facebook page for all school news and events.

BCSSW Student Collective Board Members
Executive Coordinator Marcus Smith
Social Justice Coordinator Alfonso Henderson
Social Events Coordinators Tracy Bony
Maggie Sliney  
Budget Secretary Maddie Kincade


BC Social Work Student Collective Committees & Interest Groups

Social Workers for Social Justice
The Social Workers for Social Justice committee promotes student involvement in social justice activities within the BC Social Work community.
Student Leader Alfonso Henderson 
SSW Liaison Dorothy Weitzman
Social Events Committee
The Social Events Committee plans two large social events that commence each semester and other smaller, informal events that take place throughout the semesters.
Student Leaders
Tracy Bony
Maggie Sliney
Social Work and Spirituality
Social Work and Spirituality provides a forum for BC Social Work students of various spiritual backgrounds to come together to discuss and explore the intersection between their personal spiritual beliefs and practices and their professional practice as social workers.
Student Leaders
Jenny Bernal de Baker
Aura Restrepo
SSW Liaison Liz Cinquino
Spectrum is a student group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students as well as allies. Spectrum educates and informs the larger social work community about diversity, homophobia, and heterosexism and provides space for students to discuss a variety of issues.
Student Leaders
Carmen Pullella
Jamir Floyd
Allison Kuriloff
BCSSW Liaisons Susan Tohn
Three-Year Program Student Group
The Three-Year Program Student Group is a support group for students in the three- or four-year programs of study.
Student Leaders
Sam Gragg
Meir Zimmerman

BCSSW Liaison Liz Cinquino
Umoja, an African word meaning unity, is the student organization for people of color (Asian American, African American, Native American, and Latino American). Umoja is a support group for its members and strives to increase the awareness of the BC Social Work community around issues related to people of color.
Student Leaders
Dale Maglalang
Jamir Floyd
BCSSW Liaison Margaret Lombe
DOC: Doctoral Outreach and Community
The DOC: Doctoral Outreach and Community group enhances the overall well-being of doctoral students at all stages in the academic program. The group seeks to build community among doctoral students by providing social and academic events.
Student Leaders
Keri Evans
Victor Figuereo
BCSSW Liaison Debbie Hogan


Macro Social Work Student Group
The MSWSG is a gathering place for macro and clinical students to discuss topics of relevance for macro social work including: opportunities for professional growth and activities in which students can get involved on campus and in the community.
Student Leaders
Madison Tallant
Joanna Abaroa-Ellison
BCSSW Liaison Tiziana Dearing

  BC Social Work Executive Board

The purpose of the Executive Board is to encourage and stimulate excellence in the continuing development of the School of Social Work. The Board is the legislative body for BC Social Work and has five student representatives.  There will be three positions open for First Year students. Elections will be held in September.

BC Social Work Executive Board Student Representatives
Jenny Bernal de Baker Final Year Student
Inae Hwang Final Year Student
Jenna Maxfield Final Year Student
Han Bertrand     First Year Student
Steven Magana First Year Student