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Office for Institutional Diversity

University Affiliates Program

office for institutional diversity

2017-2018 affiliates Cohort
2017-2018 participants in the University Affiliates Program


Established in 1999, the University Affiliates Program provides black, Hispanic, Asian and Native American professional staff with opportunities to broaden their management experiences and to study critical issues in higher education. Selected participants will be involved in a professional development program that includes seminars, lectures, case studies, and discussions.

The Affiliates will receive a thorough orientation to various vice presidential areas, schools, and departments throughout the University. These experiences will be complemented by a mentoring program where Affiliates will study and observe leadership in action and gain heightened awareness about strategic issues affecting higher education. The program, which combines observation and active participation, will be related to career objectives.

The Affiliates Program is designed to enable members of underrepresented groups to enrich their professional skills and increase their potential for upward mobility. This program was designed by Boston College’s Office of Affirmative Action (now OID), Office of AHANA Student Programs, and the Irish Institute, and is administered by the Department of Human Resources/Office for Institutional Diversity (OID).

The Boston College University Affiliates Program strives to better prepare AHANA staff members for potential opportunities in executive, administrative and managerial positions at the University. It is designed to:

  • Offer incumbent employees, interested in careers in higher education, opportunities to broaden their professional experiences and deepen their knowledge about other areas of the University.
  • Provide professional employees with opportunities to strengthen their viability for promotion at the University.
  • Support the development of employees by facilitating mentoring relationships, offering a series of educational seminars and structured networking opportunities.

Monthly seminars are offered by the program and incorporate a range of active-learning techniques (case studies, presentations, problem-solving workshops, lectures, and discussions) while addressing critical themes in higher education administration such as leadership and institutional change; strategic management and planning; financial management; academic and student affairs; human resources management; information technology; communications strategies; executive coaching; and personal and interpersonal dimensions of administration.

Eligibility criteria include, but are not limited to, a bachelor’s degree; a minimum of one year of professional (or equivalent) work experience at BC in an exempt position; and the support of the applicant’s University department.

Application Process
The deadline for applications for 2018-2019 will be available in the fall of 2018.

Learn more about the application process.