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Your Career Plan

boston college career center

Your career and professional development will take you down many paths throughout the course of your life and it is a continuous cycle of reflection, exploration, preparation, and action. Every experience you have impacts this process and will provide a new opportunity to consider on your career journey. This cycle will repeat throughout your lifetime and aligns directly to the key questions we explore through the Boston College experience: What do I enjoy? What am I good at? Does the world need it?

We are all at various stages of reflection, exploration, preparation, and action throughout our lives. We acknowledge that by emphasizing the stages of career development by degree, “Beginning”, “Progressing”, and “Advancing.” Timelines can be useful guideposts in assessing progress in your journey, provided you understand that this process isn’t always linear and we are all at different stages in our career development.

Reflect – Think critically about your interests, skills, values, and experiences and reflect on how they connect to your personal and professional goals.

Explore – Investigate occupations and industries and discover resources to clarify your personal and professional goals.

Prepare – Set concrete goals, learn how to present yourself professionally, and get ready to engage in the world of work.

Achieve – Attain meaningful personal and professional goals by utilizing your education, skills, and experiences.

Follow the links below to view the career planning guide for your class year. 

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